Wednesday, 10 December 2014

YouTube Creator Blog: Look ahead: creator features coming to YouTube

Look ahead: creator features coming to YouTube

VidCon is the place where thousands of creators and fans come
together every year to share their passion for YouTube and online video.
We came to Anaheim today to offer them a sneak preview of new features
and updates we’re releasing in the coming months. Here’s a look at the
things we’ve been working on to help you make more your videos even more
awesome, to reach global audiences and grow your businesses on YouTube.

  • YouTube Creator Studio: Did you know that after Rebecca Black
    uploaded “Friday,” she went on a school trip, not knowing for several
    days the video was going viral? To help you manage your videos on the
    go, the new YouTube Creator Studio app lets you see analytics, manage
    your videos and more. The app is available now on Android and launching
    on iOS in coming weeks and you’ll see some redesign of the Creator
    Studio on desktop too.
  • Audio Library, now with sound effects: You’ve used the hundreds of free songs in the Audio Library
    on millions of your videos. But until now, you’ve had to go through
    extreme lengths to make your own zombie screams and fighter plane
    sounds. To make your lives easier and videos better, from today you now
    have thousands of royalty-free sound effects at your disposal. We’ve
    also added more tracks to the Audio Library.
  • 60 (yeah, six-zero) frames per second: Your video game
    footage with crazy high frame rates will soon look as awesome on YouTube
    as it does when you’re playing, when we launch support for 48 and even
    60 frames per second in the coming months. Take a look at some preview
    videos on the YT Creator Channel. Make sure you’re watching in HD!
  • Creator Credits: Collaboration is a key to great videos on
    YouTube. You’re already giving your collaborators shout outs in your
    video descriptions. But what if those text-based shout outs were tags
    that let viewers click through to their channels, or let you search for a
    collaborator based on their work and location? That’s our vision for
    Creator Credits, stay tuned for more. 
  • Subtitles contributed from fans: More than a billion people
    watch YouTube each month, but not all of them speak the same language
    and some are deaf or hard of hearing. Automatic speech recognition and
    automatic translation on YouTube can help, but your fans can do an even
    better job. In the coming months, your fans will be able to submit
    translations in any language based on the subtitles or captions you’ve
    created, helping you reach even more viewers. You can try this out now
    on Barely Political, Fine Art-Tips, Got Talent Global and Unicoos
  • Info Cards: Annotations are useful, but not as ridiculously
    good looking as say, Blue Steel. In the near future, you’ll see our new
    interactive information cards with a clean look, which you’ll beable to
    program once to work across desktop, phones and tablets.
  • SiriusXM & YouTube: We love supporting artists, and so do our friends at SiriusXM. That’s why we teamed up to launch “The YouTube 15,” a weekly show on SiriusXM’s Hits 1 hosted by Jenna Marbles and featuring the biggest names and rising stars in music from YouTube. 
  • More ways to playlist: Along with playlists analytics we
    recently added to analytics, expect to see more ways to create
    playlists, so that all the time you spend building them translates into
    easier discovery for viewers and better results for you.
We take your feedback seriously, which is why we’re focusing on these
areas that you’ve told us are most important for you. So keep your
comments coming on Google+ or Twitter. We’ll be working closely with you to bring these features and more to the creator community in the future.

Matthew Glotzbach, Director of Product Management for Creators, and
Oliver Heckmann, Vice President of Engineering for Creators, recently
watched “VGHS Season 2 Trailer - HFR Version


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