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Your Blogger Blogspot Blogs -6 Basic Tips to Rank them Higher and 100s Free Ways to Promote a Blog

Detailed Tutorial, Notes, Techniques, and Useful
Tips for Blogspot Blogs : 6 SEO and Blogging methods to promote your Blogspot
Blogger Blogs
Blogger (previously known as Blogspot) is a rocking
free platform for blogging owned by Google itself. Blogspot
 . There are millions of free blogs created using Blogspot. If
you are serious about your Blogger blogs, then they have the potential and
appeal to rank much higher in search engines. And, by default, your blogs on
Blogspot get very good points for "Domain Authority" (DA) as your
blog would inherit the main domain url of Blogger which is :
You need to be regular, affirmative, consistent, and honest to be able to get
success with your Blogspot or Blogger Blogs. 

Viewed daily by millions- The Famous Logo Icon of
Blogspot Blogger 
Blogging is a famous activity for most users today
and Blogspot has become one of the most widely used popular blogging platforms for the simple reasons that Blogger
is Easy, Simple, Straight, Speedy, Lovely, Nice, Clean, Effective, Quite
Searchable, of the Oldest, SEO Friendly, Unique, Reliable, Vast, and off-course
FREE! . You can do a lot of things with blogging, for example selling products,
building trust, building communication with other customers, and many other
benefits. There are some great tools that you can use for supporting your
blogging activity. You can use Blogger blogs as your favorite platform. After
you create your blog, you should learn some methods to promote your own blog.
Make sure that you understand some of these methods, so you can get a lot of
visitors for your blog easily. These simple tips can be followed by all
bloggers easily. 
Tutorial for Ranking your Blogspot
- work on these 6 most important segments to promote any Blogger blog
If you read the below given paragraphs and work
accordingly as mentioned in the posts linked here, then i am 100% confident
that you will be very much delighted to see your blogs in Search Engine Result
Pages (SERPs) more frequently for the related key words and the much higher
spikes in your traffic. This is my personal experience and have applied on my
Blogger blog websites.

#1. Create engaging and high quality content

This is the main thing that you need to know, so
you can improve the SEO performance for promoting your blog. You should
create high quality and engaging content regularly. Content becomes an
important thing in most websites today. You also need to write unique content
for improving your site's performance on the search engine. If you don't know
how to write properly, you can hire professional writers for your blog. You
can find some of the best writers on the Internet these days. But, that
won't help you much in long run as only you know your blog better than any
one else. But, sometimes it could be OK and you should publish a separate page for Guest Blogging where other bloggers can
provide you with free quality content which will be relevant to your own

Creating Awesome Content is the #1 way to Promote
your Blogspot Blogger Blogs

In a Nutshell :

Create content that is unique, fresh, new, different, interesting, engaging,
and well written for SEO. Don't stuff keywords, don't do over SEO. Keep your
content natural and balanced in terms of humans (readers and viewers ) and
machines ( Google bots, crawlers, search engines)
#2. Use Templates and Themes that are speedy, SEO
and Adsence Optimized
When you are using Blogspot, you are able to
select the best default themes for your blog. It is a good idea to compare some
templates that are available in your dashboard. But, as like with any other
things, you have to depend on many factors that are specific to your needs and
demand of the site. But, the most important features to consider while trying a
new template on Blogspot blogs is that the theme must meet the criteria of SEO
and Adsense optimization. 
You need to select the best template that can load
very quickly. Fast loading template can improve your site's performance on the
search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Website speed has now become
the part of on-page Search Engine Optimization and when it is necessary, you
can also purchase some premium templates for your blog.

So, these 3 are main points you should keep in mind while trying a new template
in your Blogger- 
#2.1- SEO optimized- The theme or template should
be well SEO optimized ( with proper Meta headings, navigational
links, breadcrumb feature, good width and size with easy option to change
colors and other things.
#2.2- Adsense or ad optimized- Most of the
bloggers make money with their AdSense account, so it becomes very necessary to
have a theme that is very well optimized, in terms of CTR and ad placements.
#2.3- Speed of the theme- Speed has become the
top priority while designing your blog or site. It carries a lot
of weight-age and value when any one any visits your blog (real
humans or bots)
#2.4- Responsive design- I know you have had
heard a lot about it recently as the talks about 'themes responsiveness' are
loud and clear for everyone to hear that! Bloggers community has already
started working towards responsive themes. ( responsive themes
are compatible for every device and they easily get adjusted as per
the size and shape of any device:- mobile, iPhones, tablets, ipads, Desktop
(Mac, PC, etc)..    

Find here any kind of FREE Blogger templates that are Bloggerized from
Wordpress Premium themes by web designers ->  List of 20 best Theme Websites for Blogger

#3. Promote your blog where your audience is

A Mission not impossible :
Blogger Blogspot blogs rank easily in SERPs

You can promote your Blogspot blogs on various other high authority websites.
There are many prevalent ways on the Internet to promote your blogs,
  • Internet
  • Blog
  • Classified
  • Search
    engine submission
  • Blog
    and article directory submission
  • Social
  • RSS
    feed submission
  • Web
    2.0 Sites..and lots more!
Social media and search engine marketing can be a
perfect option for you who want to promote your blogs. You can use social media
sites for inviting other people, such as friends or families, so they can visit
your blogs easily. This method is very useful to promote your blog to other
people. Social signals also play an important role in the SEO campaign. When
you receive a lot of good social signals, your site can also rank higher on the
search engine easily. 

#4. Build links to your blog
If you want to work with your SEO campaign for your
blog, you also need to consider using this simple method. You can build links
to your blog regularly and naturally. Press release can be a perfect way for
you to build natural links to your website. When other journalists are
interested with your blog, they are ready to syndicate your press release in
their websites. As the result, you are able to get a lot of links easily. 
#5. SEO Tools and Tips for your Blogger Blogs
Here are some useful tips on how you can improve
your SEO performance for your blog. Working with SEO campaign can help you
promote your blog on the search engine easily. You should be able to take
advantages of those tips. Proper SEO campaign can help you attract a lot of
visitors from the search engines for free. You can also hire a professional SEO
expert to do the best campaign for your blog.
#6. Social media and your blog
Social media is powerful. It is the place where
people talk and listen to others. The content on media sites is seen and heard
only when some one is willing to, when some one is free and passing their time
interacting with others while browsing some parallel content .So, you find a
place where people give you attention .But, you can sustain that attention only
by presenting them with a right and relevant spice of interest. Simply, Social
Media Sites are In!


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