Thursday, 25 December 2014

Odesk Test Answers Adobe Photoshop CS3

Q 1: Changing units around the Info
Palette immediately changes the products on Rulers.
Q 2: Which with the following Filters
can not be applied to an intelligent Object?
Pattern Creator
Q 3: With which with the given options
can the Signal Durability Meter appear?
It seems when you pick 'merge to hdr command'
Q 4: Channels can't be added to which
with the following image methods?
Q 5: Which on the list of following
Modes will not support layers?
Every one of the above
Q 6: Which with the following is
incorrect about Filters?
None with the above
Q 7: Which with the following is
incorrect about the Shape dialog box?
The Curves dialog box allows you to adjust up to being able to 14
different items throughout an image's tonal array
Q 8: Which with the following Slices
is established with the Cut Tool?
User slices
Q 9: Which with the following features
is supported from the EPS file format?
It supports the particular Grayscale and Bitmap shade modes
Q 10: Which on the list of following
blending modes can be acquired only for the particular Apply Image and also Calculation
Together a and t
Q 11: What is the usage of the Make
Perform Path command inside the Paths palette?
It could alter the model of a selection
Q 12: Which form of information is not
displayed from the Info Palette?
No display the opacity with the current layer
Q 13: Which on the list of the
following is not just a right option for choosing the web-safe color from your
Color Palette?
Choose Current Color from your Color Palette Food selection
Q 14: Which keyboard shortcut
(windows) will you determine to close a Way?
None of the aforementioned
Q 15: Anti-aliasing option can be
acquired for which with the given Tools?
Every one of the above
Q 16: Which of these option displays
the spot Channels in the particular Channels palette?
Q 17: What are the results when Use
Legacy of music is selected as shown in the given picture?
It really is used to use proportionate (nonlinear) modifications to
image pixels
Q 18: Which option do you want to
select to available the Levels dialog box?
Choose Image than Adjustments and than  Levels
Q 19: Which kind of images are usually
Vector photos
Q 20: Which Liquify Tool is employed
to reconstruct an integral part of a distorted graphic?
Q 21 years old: In which Format do you
want to save your record to preserve the particular Alpha channels?
Every one of the above
Q 22: Which of these is not some sort
of text type?
Line type
Q 23: Which option do you want to
select to change Types to Styles?
Both b and also c
Q 24: The mask produced by the Replace
Shade command is long lasting.
Q twenty-five: Which of these Layer
properties may be animated?
All with the above
Q 26: Which View will you determine to
display a Histogram without controls or figures?
All of the aforementioned
Q 27: Which with the given options
exhibits left indent in the Paragraph palette?
Q 28: Which keyboard shortcut
(windows) will you determine to group Layers?
Ctrl + G
Q 29: The Rotate Canvas command
doesn't work on which with the following
All with the above
Q 30: Which of the particular Saving
commands can be acquired for an image which is managed by any Version Cue Work environment?
Check In
Q 31: When will the particular Dynamic
shortcuts can be found in the Character Color palette Menu as shown in the
All with the above
Q 32: Hanging Punctuation handles the
alignment with the punctuation marks to get a specific paragraph.
Q 33: Which option will you determine
to select all layers of your similar type?
Every one of the above
Q 34: Which of these is not any Color
Adjustment control?
Adjustment command
Q 35: By default, Masks placed on
Smart objects are connected to Smart object tiers.
Q 36:  A working space can be an intermediate color
space utilized to define and change color in Adobe software.
Q 37: Which option do you want to
select to eliminate the existing profile from your document in the particular
given image?
Q 38: You can not change the order
with the Vector masks or perhaps working paths inside the Paths palette.
Q 39: The Color Replacement Tool
doesn't work in which with the following Image methods?
All of the aforementioned
Q 40: Where of the following Modes is
it possible to draw while working together with the Shape or perhaps Pen tools?
Every one of the above
Q 41: The Away from Gamut option
operates only on RGB and also Lab images
Q 42: Which on the list of following
QuickTime Video clip formats is reinforced by Photoshop lengthy?


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