Wednesday, 10 December 2014

36 Best Advertisement Publishing Websites For Blog

Even though Blogging has become common these days, but the internet world always welcomes good blogs. There are more than 50000 blogs being created daily on blogging websites like,, and many more. Out of the millions of blogs, only thousands are able to make good money from the posts; rest are just struggling to reach a double figure earnings for a month or even the year.
Having said that, I do not want any of you passionate writers to feel
demotivated. There are plenty of things which you need to take care of
besides blogging. We will be discussing the same in our next post
"Things The Bloggers Needs To Do To Make Good Money Blogging" to be
posted on 25th March, 2013. Mind it, that post will really change the
way you look at Blogging and will really help you make good money.

Coming back to you serious bloggers, I am going to mention the
Advertisement Publishing websites below which will help you link you
blogs to them. And what happens with that? The Ad Publishers will post
the advertisement on the dedicated spaces on our blogs, and whenever
anyone clicks on those Ads you earn some money. 

A big NO is to ask people to click on those Ads, or else you will be
blocked forever for using any Ad Publisher for your blog (You should
also not click on your Ads yourself). Take my words seriously, or you
will regret.

So here are most of the useful Advertisement Publishing websites for you:

1. AdSense : Undoubtedly, the
King of its Kind. AdSense is operated by Google and is very very strict
with its Rules, Regulations, and Policies. Read everything carefully
before you start with them. Most of the blogging websites are linked
with it, and you may see the option to activate AdSense somewhere in the
Dashboard/Main page. They take a week to review the applications. Once
approved, you can activate it on your blog. 

2. Adbrite : Looks very much
like AdSense and has many extra good features. Not to mention, they do
not have wide range of Ad Format to be considered while using it on your

3. Bidvertiser : Being a very
close alternative to AdSense, they are really good features which the
customization of the Ad dimensions. The unique feature is the displaying
of Higher Paying Ads on the top followed by Lower Paying Ads.

4. Chitika : Another good
website which helps you make good money. I started using this website in
2010, used it for couple of months, and decided not to be using it as
it was not at all effective. The recent changes in the website have got
it a new life and is really helpful in making good money. I checked my
old account few days back and found a double figured earning there even
after having an inactive blog associated to it.

5. Yahoo Publisher Network :
Yahoo can never stay back when Google has already done something. It can
be an excellent website just like AdSense as it looks like they work on
the same rules and policies as AdSense. 

6. AdToll : The best thing about
them is the modes of payment. While many other websites do not pay via
Paypal in countries like India, Srilanka, and other Asian countries,
they have this option to even pay via Paypal, or Wired transactions.

7. Clicksor : They are considered to be pay masters, but you got be having luck with skills to make good money here.

8. Infolinks : This website is very much like Clicksor but seems to be having better payouts.

9. AdMedia : With a minimum
payout of $25, they are very much new in the market. They have
comparatively lesser paid ads. It is recommended not to try it until you
are really done with rest options.

10. Text-link-ads : It has a good number of advertisers linked to it which means you blog may rarely be seen without having any Ads on it.

11. Kontera : If you do not care
about the kind of Ads shown on your blog, you can go with Kontera. It
has a messy way of publishing Ads on your blog where it looks like Spams
to your readers. 

12. Vibrant Media : Very much like AdSense but they have lesser Advertisers which means lesser Ads on your blog.

13. Adwager : Works on the
similar layout as AdSense, but nowhere close to it in terms of earnings.
You can try it if you are blocked/ineligible for AdSense.

14. TNX : I have never tried this website, but seems to be a good platform for fresh bloggers.

15. Widget Bucks : If your blog
falls under the 'Shopping' category, give it a try. Rest bloggers can
have a look at it and try only if it fits you/

16. Casale Media : One of the
options of you do not like Text Ads and like only Banner Ads. They work
on the eCPM principle. What is eCPM? In simple words, you earn as per
views, not as per clicks on the Ads. It is actually better when your
blog has good number of viewers. It is like assured income as per

17. Adversal : Another websites based on eCPM. They have Pop-up based Advertisement where you can earn $6 per 1000 views.

18. Target Point : Never tried, but give it a try.

19. Bid Clix : Another good website under the category.

20. All Feeds : Never tried, but give it a try.

21. Adhearus : Another good website but have very less Advertisers.

22. Affiliate Sensor : Very less Advertisers, but good payout.

23. Veoda : Never tried, but give it a try.\

24. Revenue Pilot : Never tried, but give it a try.

25. Kanoodle : Never tried, but give it a try.

26. Enhance Interactive : Never tried, but give it a try.

27. Quigo : Never tried, but give it a try.

28. Intellitxt : Completely based on the Text Ads. This website is quite new in the market and has very less Advertisers.

29. Nixxie : Never tried, but give it a try.

30. Info Grabber : Never tried, but give it a try.

31. Miva : Never tried, but give it a try.

32. Search Feed : Never tried, but give it a try.

33. Fast Click : Never tried, but give it a try.

34. Click Thru Traffic : Never tried, but give it a try.

35. Exit Junction : Never tried, but give it a try.

36. Adonion : Never tried, but give it a try.

These are most of the useful Advertisement Publishing websites which you
can link your blog to and start making money. If you aware of any other
website from the category, please share with us in the comments.


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