Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to earn extra money

How to earn extra money

The most advisable to address the imbalances in the household economy option is to promote efficient methods of saving. But if you want to earn extra money, that complements the main income, prudence and wisdom must be the best allies. Shortcuts in obtaining miraculous gains often hide traps and scams, especially on the Internet. Should seek information from companies that provide jobs and consulting through forums and comments on the Internet, people who have pursued these activities.

In the case of the additional revenue, do not overlook the law and is essential to know whether it is necessary to declare to the Treasury or to register as self-employed, or if the new job will be compatible or not with the collection of benefits, such as unemployment.

Some proposals for additional income are:

    1. Part-time work: part-time work, part-time, is a work option increasing in times of crisis, but to avoid risk, should formalize a contract. It is a model in Article 12 of the Statute of Workers.

    They are jobs for the free hours that are available after the main workday. The most common are positions waiters during weekends, domestic workers, child care, elderly or disabled people, mailings, etc. They usually take place without a contract, but it is essential to subscribe one Company.

    They also highlight the work of telemarketer, with very regulated agreements and for working a few hours a day.

    2. Collaborate on the Internet: In some networks, blogs or blogs (redWeblogs, WordPress or Blogspot), paid for writing articles or post. It is convenient to collect information through forums to know its seriousness and reliability.

    You can also make contributions in opinion polls, readings chain letters, registration sites or offers that propose different rates. Are PTC (Pay Per Click) or PTR (paid to recite) pages. The payment is frequently cents per sheet, but as you build up (should open a PayPal account for payments), earnings increase and is paid with points redeemable for products.

    3. Advertising on the Internet: you can create a portal on an interesting topic to reach a significant number of visits, which allow you to insert paid advertising and generate significant revenue. The ideal is to contact a company wishing to promote themselves, whose contents fit with the web.

    4. Work of trade: they are part-time jobs, but the important thing about them is the power of persuasion and selling of the worker. Earnings depend on commercial success. Include catalog sales or multilevel.

    The positive is that unlike the Internet, the consumer can test the physical product and cash payment is possible without providing account numbers in a website. Its price is lower than the usual stores as intermediary expenses, warehousing, physical sales areas are removed, etc.

    Encompasses all kinds of businesses, from fashion, jewels, cleaning goods and tools, to cosmetics. Their main problem is that sometimes requires pay prior products.

    5. Provide classes based on academic and availability, it can be a very good option. Languages, mathematics or computer science are in high demand. However, to carry out this activity legally, either in your own home or at home, you should register as autonomous or profitability calculate the costs that this entails.

    6. Sale of items: to sell second-hand items that are no longer used, or which are superfluous, is now much more feasible day thanks to the many portals thrift or auction. It can be sold in both the Red and specialist shops.

    7. Rent: if you have enough space, you can rent a room that is occupied. Accurate assignment of some privacy as well as shared spaces. Additional choice would be to rental a garage or a commercial vehicle.

    8. Cook at home: cooking for others is a good deal and does not require leaving home to exploit it. The simplest is to start the activity with own networks of clients, with personal contacts. In addition, you can advertise in Internet or in newspapers and magazines.


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