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98 Best ways to make money online

98 ways to make money online? I really do not know many ... But if I only monetized with Adsense and affiliate "This is the first idea that came over me head when Carlos told me the idea for this post, however, a while later and turning I We reached the conclusion that can be very interesting to make a list of ways to earn money through media 2.0 of a disaggregated, so we go!

Payment models

Let's talk about some of the major platforms and used to make money online methods, then let's get a little more detail on some of these options in order to address the issue from a slightly deeper approach.
Additionally I will try to contribute my personal experience in the ways of earning money online knows firsthand personally ... 3,2,1 ... GO!

1. CPC

One of the ways to earn more beloved, hated and ultimately which again has spoken across Internet money.
The CPC (cost per click) or PPC (Pay per click) is a model in which you earn money when someone clicks on advertising that we hosted on our website.

2. CPM

One of the online monetization models traditionally better valued.
The CPM is beneficial to the webmaster when 1000 advertising impressions hosted once again displayed on your website.

3. CPA

The CPA model is based on the cost per action and where income is earned through a series of specific actions taken by our audience and traffic referred to from our pages.

4. CPL

Or Cost Per Lead, becomes a variant of the CPA.
That is, while the CPA is more specific as far as sales are concerned the CPL is more focused on the acquisition of Leads or records that are able to derive.

5. CPV

The CPV refers to the money that we receive as a result of viewing videos online.
An approximate average remuneration with regards to CPV can range around 5 cents / display.

Google Adsense

Adsense is one of the platforms that most reactions raises, for better and for worse ... It is common to find bloggers in both ways: we must tell you that Adsense is a real waste of time while others will tell you that part of the bulk of its income.
I have it clear, I have met people who earn big money with Adsense and I am a lover of Google advertising system ...

6. Banner 336 × 280 below title

From my experience with Asdense banners one of the best (if not the best) in terms of results to make money is concerned. This type of advertisement works best if people can associate your own banner with the theme of the post.
For example, "download Angry Birds" and that the banner appears to be a "download button" (triggers the CTR).

7. Skyscrapers in the header

This alternative was the best I ran into my first mini niche blogs. I share here a curiosity: the times I've built one skyscraper in the header have had more clicks than the times I've put closer to the main menu of the blog (also next to the header) something I thought I would be completely
upside down.

8. Your sidebar and Google Adsense

Adsense in the sidebar of the blog is one of the first choices novice bloggers who can not access other somewhat more complex parts of the happy theme to place codes (certainly in the near future a super-plugin solves this, but effectively! manner).
It is not a good pocisión (usually) to monetize ... in my opinion the sidebar is a privileged place for banners with "special" content and "information products" although it back later.

9. Adsense at the end of post

Another banners work best with Google Adsense, (in my case the latter works best) is the insert in the final part of a post.
I have always wondered why this is so, because it is perfectly distinguishes the banner, but it should be a relatively attractive format to some readers (and I exclude that in most cases is pressed by mistake).

10. Adsense in the footer

It is one of the banners that less abundant. Personally I've never tried it but it is probably unusual because it is also unprofitable.
If indeed we consider that the higher, more visible and better positioned to be a banner on our highest CPC blog is also the footer does not seem the most recommended place ... (although I produce curiosity).

11. Taking the limit ... Adsense "blank header"

A page I saw a long time and he called me quite the attention that was not banned (and seemed to have been quite some time that) was one that had a header or header "blank" and as an "image" a banner
Adsense skyscraper lying ... that can be a CTR multiplied by 10 for users not familiar with these advertising systems ... What do you think?
blank header

A page in his day gave a lot to talk
Create your own eBook

Another of the ways that are most popular among bloggers mainly used to gain subscribers, but for others is also a way to generate online income.

12. Place an ebook through Amazon

Post a digital book is infinitely easier and more accessible to do it the traditional way. One of the ways most commonly used today for this purpose is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing tool.
It gives you access to one of the largest markets in the world network.

13. Place an ebook with Bubok

Another of the most popular platforms for publishing books in "traditional" format is Bubok.
The good news about this is that now allow to publish under a digital format works by the authors, with a price that can range from 0 to which you consider appropriate.

14. Place an ebook and sell it on your own blog

One option through which some bloggers monetize their Websites. Before selling like hotcakes ebooks it is important to note that higher your personal brand is the number harvested more sales.
A tip here is that if you really going to charge for your ebook beam supplied from blog content really worth ... there is much free ebook in many blogs.
Online Services

One of the factors most lucrative of many bloggers who make public the profits of their blogs (such as Franck Scipion) are the professional online services delivered through their blogs.
Along with the affiliation often it reveals as one of the most lucrative forms brand blogs.

15. Sell your talent

Many people dominate certain more or less unique artistic aspects.
An example is this page whose authors use their artistic ability to monetize your site, (a place where certainly have to happen soon!)

16. Designers

A good solution if you're good at things like Photoshop and Illustrator is to offer designs for logos or covers for blogs. One of the recurring services that I went with my first blogs was to find freelance of this type for the subject headers.
It may be a viable alternative for brand blogs.

17. WordPress Programmers

Fortunately for developers, a huge part of bloggers know not to touch issues of code and do things like change the look of the blog or do simple modifications of this kind and this can be retribuidao for part of the demand for services each bloggers
Once it goes boom.

18. SEO

Marketinianos one of the most in-demand services, or at least that's the feeling I've had since I've implemented a contact form on my blog. Many people edemanda Seo services under the motto "I want to increase my visits" or "I want to be on the front page." Seo services are the most popular.
I recently started a separate section intended for that purpose on my blog.

19. Monta people's blog

Having a blog is fashionable. And having a blog installed with Genesis is more fashionable yet ... if we put these two factors have a great service with a growing demand.
An excellent example of this is the blogger Omar towards self-employment (one of my blogs of reference), which provides such professional services.

20. Coaching online

It is another service that I ever listened more. The theme of the specialized coaching in a particular field it seems to be having a great reception by various professional profiles.
An example of this type of service can be quonder's own Angel Luis Navarro.

21. Community manager

Services negotiations where social networks of your customers.
One of the first bloggers I met in person was engaged in delivering these services through your blog and as far as I know has not reached done anything wrong.
The power of the forums

One of the sites where many people have come to directly build the central pillar of their income.
That if you are usually a type of income amount of work, that is, are achieved by a large number of services.

22. Forobeta

Forobeta is the king of kings in what forums Hispanic concerns. On issues of online marketing are many people who earn their living through this forum and many others use it as a supplement to their income. Almost cualqueir online service you look you can find in Forobeta.
Let's try a little further in the following some of the main ways of getting money through this portal.

23. Are you good at writing?

Many people need content. Lots with capital letters! in Forobeta one of the services that work best is to sell your own items as blogger packet. He earns money amount.
If you generate 100 articles a month you will receive an average of between 300 and 350 US dollars (or maybe a little more if you become known).

24. TV Blogs

The sale of reviews and links to different types of blogs is another fashion markets in such forums. I personally would advise to be careful with this type of sale, but it is clear that if you have a handful of blogs is a good way to monetize.
The price can range from $ 5 or less to what you can afford (force depends directly on the page).

25. Sale of blogs and Web pages

If you want to sell your blog or Web Forobeta is one of the best places to do so. There is a great demand constantly and usually can be sure that someone will want to buy the page.
I once was valued buy a site that generated income Adsense and Amazon affiliate of $ 50 a month (if I remember correctly) worth about 150 euros ... (finally could not do it).

26. Sell "social networking"

If you're addicted to social networks such as Twitter have to know that there are people that generate much of their revenue through online account creation as.
That is, the client tells you that number of followers and you need him remember the price to be paid before servicing.

27. Skype is fashionable

Skype sell your time for money. Normally your time will be more expensive as bigger your personal brand. It is consulting on thematic multiple works quite well.
An example of well implemented marketing in this case would be that of said Franck Scipion, with its slogan "I rent my brain by X amount" ... very good.

28. Paid Surveys

Nor have I done, and I think an attractive monetization model, but their inclusion in this list was mandatory :) Do you have experience using online surveys to earn money?
In that case, would you be willing to tell me that it go?

29. Findablogger

One of the best platforms to begin to gain experience in the world of content as a private editor.
Money is earned as ever to amount and each day dozens of bloggers who are engaged in this type of Web portals.

30. tricks to win "more money" as editor

I have never done, because I have not paid my services on these platforms but blog networks, which often are not very different, but "feasible" alternative to conduct I have ever met is to create several
profiles bloggers specializing in X with different pseudonyms to the same subject under the same real person ...

31. Make money selling on open market

Another option that has great popularity in the world is to sell products through free-market platform through which large amounts of money consistently move.

32. Payment Podcast

Another cost-effective alternative for bloggers is to create a series of podcast content and offer it through a surcharge or a small registration fee.
This content can be helpful for people who can not spend too much time reading and prefer to "hear" the contents.
Platforms for freelance

Another way to make money online is quite popular among many Internet professionals is to use different channels or 2.0 platforms to advertise their professional services.
We will address some of these platforms.

33. Tw ago

Tw ago was the first platform I used to find the first professionals needed for the launch of my first blogs. I specifically looked for two types of professional profiles, for designers on the other side and a programmer for simple tasks in some of the themes. From my experience I have to say it was very positive and they are absolutely expert.
A inquisitive detail: superiority over the welfare of the people who come to Tw ago to find that the freelance freelancing work as a partner with ...

98 Best ways to make money online

34. Freelancer

Freelancer is a freelance platforms for excellence.
Highlight your perfect home interface divided into two sections clear and unequivocal: "Hiring" and "Working" What do you need more?


10 Euros is the stage shaped by José Maria Jimenez and Sonia Rojas, through any blogger or webmaster can register and provide professional services to ten euros, a very reasonable price which can access a good range of offerings.

36. Fiverr

Fiverr is additional stage where you container become money if you destine a large part of your time to serve, which in this case are based on a price of $ 5 and the advantage of this is that as parties with a broad target audience that guide you
because the platform has a public purpose rather broad and enjoys a very good acceptance and popularity.

37. Membership Communities

They are quite successful in the American blogosphere and other markets beyond the Hispanic, nonetheless it may be one of the most profitable conducts to earn income mass if it has been able to generate a good community about an element, also a blog or a blogger dot com, a expert etc.
Quondam is an outstanding instance of a achievement fee for involvement in Spain.

38. Direct Advertisers

The aspiration of many niche blogs are created to monetize through programs like Google Adsense or affiliate is to have its own direct advertisers, who pay a monthly fee determined X to have a reserved advertising space on the blog.
A blog that has more traffic generates more income renting Web space.

39. Advertorials

When a blog reaches a certain level of recognition or even search engine optimization is often companies come to you to request a singular report. Numerous blogs complete by advertorials as the main source of income. In my pet blog we have already made two to Royal Canine and prices typically range from 20 to 50/60 euros per pole.
(Contingent on the scope of your blog and the issues that I mentioned).

40. Forex

Another option that you hear a lot is the winning dienero Forex through affairs firms and issues currency ... personally I do not know completely this way of making online money and honestly, from what I have recite about it, I doubt
enough of its efficiency, though there are a small number of who say it is a good profit online media ...
Online shops

Another large group within the Internet business models eCommerce is without doubt one of the most interesting for many by the infinite potential that this may entail.
(If no such reference case always have the Samwer brothers ...)

41. Sale of intangible services

One of the popular forms of monetization is the sale of non-physical facilities, for example the putting of a given Web or malware cleaning services.
The advantage of this service is that you can give without any cost to suppliers of goods or shipping.

42. Sales of physical products

Some physical stores have proposed making the leap to digital sales and shipments made it their orders through services such as e-MRW and other transport services intended for sale in Spain online.
If you have a out-of-date store, rendering to subdivisions make the leap to the internet can be quite lucrative.

43. Sale of handicraft products

Another type of business network is based on the sale and distribution of products complete by pointer, in greatest cases by the supply administrator himself.
The benefit is that as the product that your company has been able to generate can go up to a higher price but on the contrary cannot produce and thus distribute your products in large quantities.

44. Drop shipping

One way that most have become fashionable lately to vend online. Finished this technique eCommerce what you do is "build your own online store" and position on Google, with the only exception that customers once you get them spend the order to a physical store that will serve as supplier.
One advantage of this method is that to you just as a seller carries risks (although it also has its disadvantages).

45. Network online shops

Something "similar" (at least in the concept story) to mount "a network of blogs" to monetize but make it big with online stores, which can make it more profitable and lucrative in the long run, but
against also you have maintenance costs and greater product distribution.

46. ​​Sale of banners on your personal blog

Some bloggers have the ability to generate product and influence. If individual make of your blog is actual big you may receive offers from companies looking to stay in selected web sites.
A good example of this extrapolated to online niche marketing could be the KSchool, who select the best bloggers to provide advertising services.

47. Sale of links from your blog

Another way to make money online, though for myself I hesitation that it can generate sufficient amount to live as it is to sell links from your blog if it already has some expert.
Somewhat comparable to the sale of reviews that comment a little higher but more focused on a specific audience rather than a market and offer specific and well-defined conditions for buyers.
Professional platforms for selling links

Then I will show you a small selection of some platforms where you can make money selling links from your blogs.
Another way to earn some money online ...


I recently met this company when they contacted me to request that one of my niche blogs to be included among its workers blogs.
It is a website that the whole thing with various agencies and advertisers that pay around 20 - 30 euros for an original post with the inclusion of 1-2 links do permanent follow.


It is one of the platforms through which you can access a large market vending associations. It is a corporation based in Germany and its slogan is "connecting bloggers and brands."
For myself I have not strained it but before linking always Sitix or Serums would check with a possible penalty of sites.

50. Exposer

A Web where not only you can get money selling links but also the rental of certain areas of your blog, "fixed fences" and "dynamic billboards" and ads and supported levels.
Again, continuously check before linking. Tire lire Cochin

51. Payment Webinars

Some bloggers whose personal brands already enjoy a certain prestige can afford to provide webinars focused on a specific theme and make payment of the members.
One technique that container be fairly lucrative if you have been able to generate a good community around your person and you've positioned as a reference.

52. Premium Templates

If you similar the entire subject of growth in the world of WordPress there is everything a small emerging market for people who need daily templates for blogs, websites and online stores that are willing to pay for a good product that fits
your needs.

53. Payment Plugins

Other markets where profitability can be obtained via the Internet is concerning the wordpress plugins or features but their paid versions.
A good example of this is for example the SEO plugin by Yoast, which has the plug-in form of its Youtube SEO for imbursement and is gaining quite fruitful sale.

54. Models Fremium

A fremium model is one where you start offering something for free, but there comes a point where you begin to monetize whether to continue the service or to extend it to greater service.
In some niches usually it works quite well and is a very interesting option for many small entrepreneurs and startups 2.0

55. Crowdfunding

Another of the ways it is quite fashionable as internet business model is to provide funding to a project supported by numerous persons.
In Spain is actual shy establishment nonetheless there are some more or less known by way of circumstance (smooth however your Web is no lengthier working)

56. Business Angels 2.0

Another lucrative way to earn money, nonetheless you essential to capitalize time and capitals, is to money schemes and startups nascent online through Business Angels model.
Here is an example of investors in such projects I met on my first time as a blogger: Blogsfarm.

57. Translations online

If you manage multiple languages ​​this may be the perfect excuse to try this perpetrator occupation.
For myself I've not ever tried it but if I read much good about it on occasion.

58. Textbroker

Gratified is monarch and is probable to carry on without being dethroned for many years, in places like Textbroker can make money through your texts and think it might be a better alternative or a complement to the networks of blogs for beginners bloggers.

59. Resale

If we are to talk of making money online we can not forget some of the best known gateways auctions. In Segundamano you container sell nearly anything and the advantage you have is that it is a market that moves at the speed of light, that is almost always going to be someone who wants to buy what you're eager to vend.
I gained money numerous times through this medium and have always been happy.

60. Thousand ads

Much like a portal to Segundamano to make cash online.
The border is maybe rather less clear and the colors are not as nice but good to take your stuff off and others make money by selling them.

61. Ebay, the global market

If you need to buy something that is not in the safe stores that you find on eBay. There are many people that a good bonus for ebay selling products to the point that for some (the most dedicated) has become a way to type alive.
Occasionally introduction crops from Asian countries and resell the lowest prices in this great digital market.

62. Sponsored Tweets

There are major accounts due to its breadth of followers retweets Supported vended. To stretch you an indication, a while ago I met one who was called "the God of the joke" that 2 million followers (I think) earned just over 2 euros a retweet.
I not think it's a way to make a living but for some webmasters is a supplement to their income drip.

63. Mobile Application Development

App World is expanding. If you have the ability and skills to develop applications (simple they are) have a great reef to make money concluded this way.
The greatest ruthless and most recent example of this is the case of Flappy Bird

64. iTunes

Sale of podcasts and similar payment through the channel-known Apple infoproductos.
Aimed at instance, in the blogosphere one of the finest known examples of bloggers who bring their content to iTunes it is the case of David Cantoned with BloggerCast, nonetheless he fixes it for permitted.

65. It is the time of ASO

If at present did not have many projects that sometimes I can barely meet certainly try to embark on the escapade of the ASO.
Fundamentally it originates to SEO in app supplies like Google Play or Apple Store and then seek profitability through the Apps that we have positioned there.
Affiliation with hosting

There are already enough people on the internet gaining real substantial amounts of money through membership model with hosting and all kinds of lodging.
I was unprejudiced alike its importance we will pass them then a much more individually.

66. Membership by Hostgator

One of membership services for online excellence.
The committees are the juiciest but this in turn has caused the negative effect of that position for the keyword Hostgator is increasingly more complicated.

67. Affiliation with Webempresa

Another sticking hosting are stronger in recent months and so I have been told a membership system actual stimulating.
They are countless organizers of their service and this makes proactivity also strive to ensure that their members make money.

68. Membership by 1and1

1and1 is one of the most hated topics as hosting covers companies.
I've never tried their membership system, but does not cease to be a more available alternative.

69. Affiliation with GoDaddy hosting

Other hosting system that generates income through association. Through approximately media I have seen more favorable than the previous reviews but it would be something to try with a project adapted for this resolution.
As they approximately on the page the aforementioned you can get to take up to 40% of the sale.

70. Members with Arsis

Another of the most used to make money through the hosting schemes, as the corporation Arsis is one of the finest recognized.
Finished their scheme you can imagine to earn a ceiling of 180 euros from the sale of one produce (will have to recite the well print).

71. Affiliation with Digital Factory

One of the hostings that once Alex has recommended through some of his videos. For me in particular the page love Factoria Digital and out but because its price in relation to space is a bit high given me propose try with this company.
Your membership fee is 15% of what a client hires you take.

98 Best ways to make money online

72. Affiliation with iPage

Commissions iPage has earmarks of being juicy, however to focus on this type of online monetization I think the best is on one side or have thoroughly tested the hosting in question or have a website dedicated just to talk about
hostings different providers.

73. Affiliation with HostPapa

Another curious web hosting companies that allows affiliate programs is HostPapa. A website with a pretty bad and which also does not specify clearly the marketing commission payments.
Anyway it is a system of the list ...

74. Youtube

One channel of choice for many to earn a living through the internet. However in reality despite the success stories we all know, earn huge amounts through Youtube is quite expensive, but if you do video is your thing again may be a good time to start (today always better
Email Marketing

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online is email marketing and thus the American slogan "The money is in the list" meaning copper.
We will look at some of the most common ways to make money through mass mailings of emails to your subscribers.

75. Sales infoproductos

When people are subscribed to your newsletter is giving you one of the most valuable things we have, so much of their confidence and have won. Many bloggers use this relationship to provide their own information products through its subscriber list.

76. Offer personalized services

Another option is to place the registration forms in appropriate your blog and thus get prospects interested in one or another branch and then to offer newsletter with personalized services and thereby increase the rate of conversion areas.

77. conferences and events Newsletter

When a company contacts you (in case you already have some renown) to a paper or similar wants you to fill the auditorium, whereupon use your newsletter announcing your speech at an event is a great way to add value and
although you obtain money directly indirectly your services as a speaker if you are revalued.

78. Affiliation with autoresponder

A practice that worked well was to automate a gift certificate to one of the classic hosting services (like Hostgator) and give it to your subscribers in the first mail "as a thank you";)

79. Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook Ads to take people to strategic areas of your site and try to get prospects and ultimately potential customers interested in your services (but do not allow to landings of affiliation).

80. Google Adwords

There are (very roughly) two ways to get web traffic through which earn revenue from our business. Seo generate through and buy it, in this case through Google Adwords.
Very suitable in certain online stores.

81. Amazon, the king of markets

Amazon is the ally of choice for webmasters who want to open their niche blogs in order to monetize as any product can be sold from Amazon affiliate links and can go to any sheet.
Only you detect missing niche, make the web and position ... (a good option to find niches is to go to tools such as Long Tail Pro for Adsense)

82. Bing Ads

The Microsoft advertising platform which very few still widely known in Spain.
In the words of Microsoft's own advertising system it allows the user to segment by mobile (therefore could differentiate between smartphone and PC) ... There is nothing.

83. Infolinks

One of the forms of advertising "in text" better known, through which you can profit by the people who visit the links are automatically placed on some of your most important keywords.
Although the web must be acknowledged that sell a great way to my no longer look like a form a little "spammer" to monetize, but all will try ...

84. Copywriting

Writing professionals who through their texts try to make your website become better.
It is an online career, from my point of view, expanding and can become quite lucrative, but yes, the job can also become quite absorbing.

85. CPT "stay on my blog!"

One of the few models more attractive monetization but your time. In advertisers pay by the time a person stays in your website.
Personally I have never had the slightest contact with this model, but I am assailed by a question ... Does not this could easily trucar?
Affiliate companies

We will mention some of the affiliate companies best known and through which many webmaster get much or even all of their monthly income.

86. Zanox

One of the most popular companies in the panorama of membership.
They tend to be somewhat selective in choosing sites that include in their programs and have a fairly large number of campaigns.

87. Tradedoubler

Another of the biggest companies with Zanox as far as advertisers and resources are concerned.
They have a pretty wide range of choice although I read more than once that are quite slow (sometimes) when charging.

88. Affilinet

I've never used.
Despite its name it sounds pretty circles of affiliation, which is why we include it in our list.

89. TradeTracker

Another popular affiliate companies in places like or Forobeta Forums.
On its website claiming to be the best company affiliate of 2013 ... Any opinion on this?

90. Netaffiliation

Other portals referred by affiliate company as trusted.
I do not know about the quality of service, although I recognize a priori that the website has not inspired much confidence as I Zanox and Tradedoubler.


Affiliate is the biggest information portal and community members that you will be able to access and is an essential place to spend hours if yours is this model of monetization.

92. Blog (micro) niche + affiliate timely

One of the things that work quite well in the picture of the current membership, is the subject of selecting a niche blog focused on a series of keywords with little competition, but beware! also with very few searches ... And this is where many people fail because when searches are usually below 1,000 or 2,000 often discarded.
The microniches can be very profitable when exploited together.

93. Trend purchase + affiliation

Another thing that works quite well. Sometimes there are fads and you as a webmaster should try to take advantage. A classic example that many known in the niche of membership was the case of Monster High dolls.
A good solution is to register a good EMD and launched sold by Amazon.

94. Money using niche blogs and blogs brand

Niche blogs are a good choice, but always depend on Google. Another good measure may be having a blog brand and that brand care and work so that we focus on a specific niche (for example, a branch of social media) and monetize through our own blog with our links
affiliate, but relying on our brand.
The skeleton of your Web

95. Effective sidebar

If I like most about are things like making Viralnova.
A section of the sidebar made up banners with pictures of inputs and útlimo them a banner of Adsense ... (But why not bothered Google?)

96. Web page tools or resources

They are used by some bloggers to isolate a particular area of ​​the page with your affiliate links, usually based on a series of tools that blogger or webmaster uses own day.
A classic example of this can be Marketingblog section.

97. It will be in the footer enough

Another of the areas most missed by many is the footer. Perfect to place your last infoproducto or a summary of your services and a link to their site.
Much of the visual attention is focused on this area, so neglected in many blogs.

98. You are you better product

Nothing on this list exceeds mentioned the following: your best weapon to make money online (finally this is one of my post about a board that must not lose sight) is yourself and your perseverance and belief in this livelihood. It is difficult, but once you start you realize that worth.

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