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Take free update information of Data entry, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing site information, Online Earning Tips & Tricks like as Earn money from google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite, Youtube, Blogger and Many More Earning guideline for you

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Take free update information of Data entry, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing site information, Online Earning Tips & Tricks like as Earn money from google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite, Youtube, Blogger and Many More Earning guideline for you

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Take free update information of Data entry, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing site information, Online Earning Tips & Tricks like as Earn money from google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite, Youtube, Blogger and Many More Earning guideline for you

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Take free update information of Data entry, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing site information, Online Earning Tips & Tricks like as Earn money from google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite, Youtube, Blogger and Many More Earning guideline for you

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Take free update information of Data entry, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Freelancing site information, Online Earning Tips & Tricks like as Earn money from google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite, Youtube, Blogger and Many More Earning guideline for you

Friday, 17 April 2015

Cheapest cars insurance for young drivers

Ford-Ka-600x397 Cheap Car Insurance: Cheapest cars for young drivers
Getting cheap car insurance if you’re a teenager can prove more difficult than revising for your exams, but here’s a handy little run down of the cars to start looking at!

If you have just recently passed your driving test and you have ripped up your L-plates, you may now want to go out and buy the car you have always dreamed of that is affordable within your budget.
But most people who are celebrating passing their test are aged between 17 and 20, and it is in this age bracket that insurers will place a high premium on young drivers for a number of reasons.
If you are aged 17 to 20 years you may be celebrating the fact that you have passed your driving test but those celebrations will soon be dampened somewhat when you start to phone around a number of insurance companies to get a quote on what your annual car insurance will be. The problem young drivers have is they’ve little or no experience on their side, no chance of building bonus from no-claims years and are bracketed as the highest age group for having an accident.
It is for these reasons that insurers naturally penalise the 17 to 20 year age group. But don’t despair just yet because there are a number of cars that are actually cheap to insure for young drivers.
As a young driver, you may have passed their tests but one of the biggest barriers behind getting out there on the road is the cost of the insurance and this figure can be as much as the vehicle itself.

For example a Honda Civic or a Volkswagen Golf will set you back more than £4,000 in yearly insurance premiums alone. Buying a Vauxhall Astra or Ford Focus will cost well over £3,500 to insure each year. That’s a monthly bill of £300.
So what are the cheapest cars to insure for young drivers? If you are looking to get behind the wheel without paying a king’s ransom for insurance then go for a Ford Ka2, at £1,651.40 per year this would only work out to be around £137 per month.
Even a Peugeot 107 would only set you back around £1,994.42 per year (a monthly cost of £166.20) and a Daewoo Matiz at £2,258.26 annually (£188.19 per month) sounds much better than going for the sportier vehicles like the Ford Focus or Honda Civic. Furthermore you will save around £250 every month!
The Mini One is also another popular vehicle for the young ladies and at £2,268.85 per year (£189.07 monthly) it should still be one of the cheapest cars to insure for 17 to 20 year olds.
Top five cheapest cars to insure for 17-20 year olds
CarYearly insurance premiumMonthly insurance premium
Ford KA2£1,651.40£137.62
Ford KA£1,781.25£148.44
Peugeot 107£1,994.42£166.20
Daewoo Matiz£2,258.26£188.19
Mini One£2,268.85£189.07

I want to earn money from Adsense-tips and advice for beginners

If you have a website, blog, youtube video or any other online presence, making money through adverts couldn’t be easier and here’s our beginner’s guide.

money-saving-08 Google’s Adsense program is a great way to cover your hosting costs and make money from your site without much effort.
Google do all the hard work such as attracting advertisers and sorting payments for you (for a cut of any profit you make, of course), so all you need to do is place a bit of code on your website.
There’s not many limitations on what websites that can use Adsense, such as having a certain number of page viewers or users, which is what makes it so great and easy to get going with.
Here are some of our tips for beginners to get the best out of the progrmme.

Don’t get banned

If you read webmaster forums they are generally full of stories from those banned from Adsense by Google for some reason on another, 9 times out of 10 it’s because they didn’t read the Adsense program policies. If you haven’t bothered to read them – do it now. The Adsense policies aren’t just some terms and conditions you should mindlessly agree with – if you get banned you won’t get paid – however much is in your account.
The policies aren’t particularly strict and most of it is common sense: Don’t click your own adverts, don’t host anything illegal and so forth, but read through them to make sure you’re doing everything right.
With all that in mind here our tips for not getting banned:

Write a privacy policy

If you’re going to put Adsense on your site you need to write a privacy policy, a document which describes what you do with personal information users may submit or you may collect and log. As of May 2012 your site’s privacy policy must contain details about Adsense’s interest based advertising and use of the DART cookie. Luckily for those who have little experience writing legal documents, Google has all the details you need to include.

Don’t click your own links

Google is far smarter then a lot of people realise! Don’t click your own ads, whether you’re on your own computer or not, Google’s software can detect fraudulent clicks and if it does you risk being kicked out. You may want to download some adblocking software or disable ads on your site just for you – this is pretty easy for forums and blogs as there are lots of plugins available.

Don’t ask for or encourage clicks

Never ask people to click your links – that includes your friends or family! Using slogans such as “Support us” near Adsense ads is strictly forbidden.

Furthermore don’t try to encourage links by other means – this includes putting misleading images near ads or using other graphics to highlight or direct attention to ads.
1055704_73380204-584x438 Adsense tips and advice for beginners

Adsense tips

Optimize your placement

The placement of ads is very important, firstly place more than one ad unit per page – you can place up to 3 ads on the same page. Be careful not to go too overboard though – if you’ve only got a paragraph of content large banners aren’t going to look too pretty.
Use a mix of ad formats across your websites, this allows your ads to get maximum exposure and helps reduce “ad blindness” – users subconsciously filtering out adverts they’ve seen multiple times. Large box ads and 728×90 leaders tend to do well where 468×60 banners can be much weaker.
Place ads above the fold – that is the part of the page the user can see without having to scroll. Ads to the left also generally perform better (assuming left to right reading).
The final placement tip is to place ads near and around the content but be careful not to confuse users to mislead them. Content around “rich content” – your article body or navigation areas – tend to perform much better as that is where the user is focusing.

Optimize the ads themselves

As a publisher you control which types of ads show – text, image based or both. There is always a lot of debate about which option is better but our suggest is to show both image and text ads. This increases the variation in ads shown to your users which is helpful for repeat visitors.
You can also change the look and style of your ads but this sometimes takes a bit of trial and error in getting the best color palette for your website. Generally you want to use colours already on your site so that ads either blend in the complement the design and content. Depending on your site’s content and audience however, more bright and prominent colours could be better.
Use rotating colours to reduce ad blindness from repeat visitors to your website!


If you follow these simple introduction tips to Adsense you’re going to be well on your way to your first check so good luck!

Are you a Student? Know how to save money on University textbooks

If you’re just starting university one of the first tasks you’ll have to do is grab your textbooks for the start of term, and they don’t come cheap.

Some textbooks can cost upwards of £100, but even if cheaper, the money can soon stack up with some courses requiring ten or more books.
Here’s our guide full of top tips to saving money on University text books.

To buy or to loan?

Firstly there is a question over whether or not you need to even buy your textbooks, or whether you can simply loan them from your library.
This will depend on a number of factors, and two main ones being does your library stock the book and are there any copies left.
But even if these two criteria are met the answer may not be so straightforward. Popular books may not be able to be loaned for long periods, and sometimes it’s better to have your own book anyway.
Advantages to buying include the freedom to do what you want with the book, such as tearing pages out, highlights areas, doodling, making notes and so forth. You also don’t have to worry too much about losing it or incurring fees by returning it late.
And while you will obviously have to pay for your own book, you can sell it on once you’ve finished and may be able to get a reasonably good price, some other students may even be willing to pay a bit more if you have covered it in (helpful!) notes and points.

More Info...

Cheap places to buy

If you do decide to buy then there are several options and places to try to get a good deal…
1) Fellow students
Possibly the cheapest place to grab a deal is from your fellow students who most likely will have absolutely no need for the book once they’ve completed their course. Ask your friends and check your student notice board for people offering books for sale.

2) Online book marketplaces
The likes of Ebay and Amazon are great places to pick up bargains, with cheap second hand text books usually going for well below market prices. But there are some great specialist book sites with second hand deals, with other sites to look at including Blackwell’s and The Book Pond. Search around and see if where you can find the cheapest deal.

3) Online sites
If you’ve no luck in the marketplaces then look at online shops to buy new, with Amazon being our top tips for the cheapest prices, but also try Blackwell’s especially for more specific books or rarer editions

4) Book shop
Most universities will have a deal with a local book shop to stock all the titles students need, so the good news is that it’ll be guaranteed you’ll be able to pick up a copy of all the textbooks you need. The bad news is that these places generally charge the most, sometimes even above the already high RRPs. We’d suggest going to your bookshop as a last resort!


If you chose to loan your books, get a head start. With limited copies and sometimes hundreds of students after them, the most popular course books will be quickly let out to others if you don’t get in there quick. Don’t wait until term starts, most libraries allow you to reserve books, but even if they don’t, try and get a copy as soon as possible.
If you’re unlucky at your university’s library, try your city’s local council or independent run library. While their selection of textbooks will be a lot smaller, they may well stock the one your after so it’s worth a look. Most libraries now allow you to search their books online too, meaning you can check without having to leave the house. Or even without getting dressed, if you’re that lazy.

More different ways to make money with your mobile-For students tips

There are different ways to save money on your mobile. From finding great deals on a new phone, to using it to find great prices on all kinds of products, there has never been a better time to be a mobile-savvy student for the worldwide.

Apps that reward

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get paid just for using your mobile? In fact, there are plenty of apps for Android and iOS that do just that. And because there are lots of ways to get paid these days (such as PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon credit or iTunes vouchers), it’s never been easier to earn cash or rewards for completing some easy tasks. You won’t get rich quick by using these apps, but you could earn enough to pay for a few great nights out, or even a new phone.
If you are keen to make spare cash by using apps, make sure you read their privacy policy first and check out what type of information is collected. It’s also important to only download apps from trustworthy and reliable sources such as Google Play or the Apple App Store, and never download any app from a link in an SMS.
AppTrailers (iPhone and Android)
App-Trailers-Screenshot-600x513 More ways to make money with your mobile
AppTrailers shows you short video trailers of new apps you may want to download and install. Each trailer that you watch earns money, and if you actually download and use the recommended apps, you can earn even more. The more you watch the more points are awarded, which can then be redeemed using PayPal or converted into gift cards. It’s a fun and convenient way to earn money, and is extremely simple and intuitive to use. If you love apps too, it’s a no-brainer.
Instant Rewards (iPhone and Android)
Instant-Rewards-Screenshot-600x338 More ways to make money with your mobile
Instant Rewards is an incredibly popular app at the moment, and lets you choose either an Amazon gift card or cash via PayPal as a reward. The app includes several ways to make money, for instance by watching app trailers, liking a page on Facebook, or taking short surveys. The company claims that it pays out more than competing apps, but you could always install several different ones to see which is the best.
Roamler (iPhone and Android)
Roamler-Screenshot-600x328 More ways to make money with your mobile
If you have ever heard of the term “mystery shopper”, you’ll be instantly familiar with the idea behind Roamler. It’s all based around anonymous product and service testing, to check a brand or product success in the marketplace. Roamler has turned the idea into quite a fun pastime that you can perform on a social level. It’s actually quite addictive, and the more you do, the higher your experience level becomes, leading to larger payouts for completing tasks.
Assignments might include things such as taking a photograph, filling out a checklist, or reviewing a product’s presentation – some of it is at home and some tasks need you to go and find the items, for example in stores or restaurants. Roamler is a lot of fun, and offers users rewards for continuing to interact with the app, and the tasks are mainly things that we spend our time doing anyway.
You can find out more about Roamler at

Surveys and polls

These type of apps typically payout for completing online surveys or polls on a variety of topics. The reason is that many firms pay a lot for market research, and what better way to collect it than an army of smartphone users? Survey apps typically pay out different amounts based on factors such as the length of the survey, how many qualified people are taking a survey, and whether it requires special knowledge or expertise.

Maximiles (iPhone and Android)
Maximiles-Screenshot-600x342 More ways to make money with your mobile
Maximiles is a survey website and a mobile app, which allows you take surveys and short polls to earn points. Furthermore, there are plenty of different types of rewards, such as DVDs, magazine subscriptions, gift cards and more.
MySurvey (iPhone and Android)
MySurvey-Promo-Pic-600x542 More ways to make money with your mobile
MySurvey is one of the most popular online survey companies, and it’s hard to beat MySurvey in terms of reliability because it’s one of the first survey panels that started paying people for their opinions. The first step requires you to sign-up on their website by filling out some simple forms.You will be asked to fill out some of your personal details and demographics. Once this is done, you can start answering different surveys right away.

Freelance work and blogs on a smartphone or tablet

Aside from the small selection of apps that we have listed, which could help you earn some well deserved extra cash, there are other ways to use your mobile phone with even higher earnings potential. Here are just a small selection of ideas.
Create a blog and get Google to pay you
These days, it’s extremely easy to create a professional-looking, interesting blog (as long as you have something vaguely interesting to say, of course!) using free tools like WordPress and Joomla. You could start by purchasing a website domain name through a company such as GoDaddy, and set everything up there in just a few clicks. Alternatively, take the quicker route and have your blog hosted on sites like – you can always move it later on.
If you do decide to start a blog with the aim of making money, you need an interesting topic or at least something interesting to say that will get readers coming back for more. But the great thing about blogging is that it’s easy, quick, and with a bit of luck can build up an audience in no time.
How do you make money this way? You could either sell advertising space to companies that wish to put a banner somewhere on your site. Another way is to create a Google Adsense account and get ads automatically displayed on various pages, which means every time someone clicks on an advert, Google will pay you — typically a small amount — but this could reach hundreds of pounds every month with a bit of work and promotion on social media sites.
MySurvey-Promo-Pic-600x400 More ways to make money with your mobile
The beauty of blogging is that you can do it on your smartphone or tablet, using apps such as WordPress that let you blog directly and publish, or just use a standard word processor to create the content and upload it later on. You can blog about any topic imaginable – shopping, technology, student life, movies, or video games – the possibilities are endless.
There are thousands of resources online to get started writing a blog – you just need a little inspiration to get going, but when you do, why not get paid to write for fun?
Freelance writing or web design
If you don’t fancy starting a blog and trying to figure out how to earn money from it, you can use popular freelancer sites such as PeoplePerHour and to generate some extra income. If you have any in-demand skills (such as writing short articles for blogs or web design), there are literally thousands of jobs popping up each day.
The amount you get paid varies, but if you can find several small jobs that pay regularly, you can be earning hundreds of pounds quite easily and do the work when it suits you. Many of these freelance jobs (such as travel writing) only take a few hours each, and can be done on a tablet, laptop or smartphone – literally anywhere in the world. Imagine that you have successfully bid on a job to design a logo – there’s no reason you can’t do that on your smartphone with image editing apps and a little skill.
Most of the freelancer sites work like this – you register your details and create a profile, outlining what skills you have. You can then bid on jobs against other people, and typically have a limit to how many you can bid for each month. It’s not always the cheapest bids that win either, as the people that need the work doing will look at your previous work and how highly rated you are. The more work you do and receive positive feedback, the higher your rating will be. They also pay out directly to your bank account or PayPal, but note they tend to take a percentage of the work (up to a certain amount each month).
Girl-with-Tablet-has-Idea More ways to make money with your mobile
For this type of work, it usually takes a little while to get going if you’re new, but once you’ve completed a few jobs (usually at a lower rate, to begin with), you gain feedback, ratings, and can start to charge more. It really is a great way to generate additional income, and established freelancers can earn thousands every month, depending on what type of job is required.
For more information about freelance work, it’s worth checking out popular sites such as:

Final words

It’s a lot easier than you might think to make money using your mobile phone. Whenever you have a few hours to kill, you could put that time to use by completing surveys, doing small tasks, or simply watching the latest app videos.