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Making Money Online Without Money

Starting Out Making Money Online

So you want to make money online because you have heard many people's rags to riches stories? Then you go out and get that product and two weeks later you just give up because it doesn't produce the income that you were told. This is a story which has been told over and over again. Heck maybe you have had this happened to you. The thing about it is that the product didn't let you down, but rather you have let yourself down.
If someone came to me six years ago and said that they could show me how to make money online without spending any money out of pocket then my response would have been "C'mon you are full of b.s.!" But the times have changed and the internet has rapidly advanced every year that it is true that you can make money online without spending any money. Now I know that you are thinking how is that possible? There are so many free systems out there that all you have to invest is literally your time and then once you start to see the profits you gradually scale up the systems that are working for you and exploit them to turn them into a thriving and successful business. You must take action though and I want to give you some ideas as to what you could possibly do to start that free money income model in as little as 24 hours flat if you set your mind to it!

Simple Steps To Super Affiliate Status

The first idea that I would like to share with you is becoming an affiliate promoter. Yes there are many people advertising different products and you see all sorts of systems being advertised about affiliate marketing. It is actually a shame though because this truly is one of the easiest ways to get your income stream going.
I have chosen this as my overall favorite course of action because there are many companies out there that you can literally choose from that will allow you to promote their products so that you don't have to have any kind of physical products on hand. You will be able to set up a free website, a free autoresponder, and even be able to do the majority of the graphics editing that you have seen done on editing software such as photoshop.
Please don't get me wrong, this is not some overnight internet rich sensation like many others claim to be. You will not go to bed one night and then wake up the next morning an internet millionaire. You will need to do at least an hour a day on the various promotional tactics that will be explained below. If you can not foresee yourself doing just one hour a day then please stop reading and go on to another hub.
With that being said, let's get going on to the simple tactics to use in full details.

Passion For Niche Subjects

This is a biggie folks. When you are just starting out with affiliate promotions, you must find something that not only just interests you but rather something that you have a strong passion for. Whether that is dog training, losing weight, internet marketing, etc. If you have that strong passion in your subject then it will be easier for you to meet the learning curve and it won't feel like a job but rather something that you will be excited about. But how do you know if your passions are relevant to what others would like to know more about?
The internet is an ever flowing ocean of information, and it is your responsibility as an affiliate marketer to become an authority figure in your topic. So for your first affiliate promotions take the time to answer the following questions honestly to yourself.
1. What do I excel at?
2. What can I teach/do for others?
3. Is there a group that I can find online that feel like me?
4. What are my goals with this?
5. What skills do I possess?
6. What skills would I like to possess?
After you have answered those questions, it is time to find out if you can make money from those answers. Just a reminder though, the object is not to make instant sales but rather make relationships with those who need your help. The money will come and that will be the bonus.
So where do you go to find your relative niche? Below is a list of resources that you may not have been aware of but they provide you with a plethora of researching knowledge.
1. You may have seen this company with how-to books on virtually every subject matter which you can think of. Well use their research to your advantage. Browse their new releases and check and see if your category is listed within them. You see they have already done the market research and spent a high volume in production of their books so they know that there is a need for that subject matter, otherwise they wouldn't have produced the book for it.
2. Yahoo! Answers: This site can be one of your greatest resources. Think about it, it is a community full of users who go on there to find answers to their problems. So just do a search for a topic that you are thinking about doing and see what problems arise. This site not only will display the results but they also give you the date and best answers as well. So if it is relevant within the past year and you see a lot of comments/answers interactions then you know that there is a need for this and you could do pretty good.
3. This is kind of like only with magazines. Same principles apply here. Once you are on the site, check out the "All Categories" listings and find the 4 - 5 stars magazines. Those are the more popular ones and you can even filter your search results by the number of stars received and or the price per issue. This gives you the idea of what users are actually paying for these types of subscriptions.
One last piece of advice here, don't spend too much time overthinking the niche that you are looking for. 30 minutes max is long enough to decide whether or not you should get involved with that niche before moving on to the next steps in the affiliate marketing process.

High Quality Product Selection

This step is going to take a little bit of time on your part and should actually be just one hour in your process. Assuming that you have selected the niche subject that you want to target, it is time to go out and find a high quality and relevant product. My personal favorite choice of products are digital products. I recommend that you look for the same because digital products don't have to have any kind of shipping costs, physical storage space, etc.
A digital product is considered to be things such as e-books, audio recordings, and videos. At this point you are going to want to find about 3 - 5 high quality and semi-popular products to sell. To find these products there are three places that I would say to join absolutely free of charge.
The first is Clickbank. They have just revamped the entire site objectives. But it is still considered the grand-daddy of all digital resource centers. In fact their business model has been "copied" by many and still they are around there. Just go to and sign up and then head on over to the marketplace button where you can find and filter your product selections.
The second is JVZoo. JVZoo is relatively new when compared to Clickbank but if you are thinking about the internet marketing niche, then this is your best option for all things internet marketing. Now remember that the IM niche is considered to be heavily populated but you have to break it down to things like blogging, traffic generation, SEO, Social Networking, Wordpress Security, etc. It is a very broad niche topic with a lot of users looking to get into it. If you do it correctly you can reap some amazing rewards from it.
The third affiliate promotion center you should consider is the Amazon stores. Amazon allows you to become an affiliate for promoting their stuff. The thing with Amazon is that they do such a phenomenal job on their marketing that one product you sell, could lead you into affiliate commissions from others that you had no idea about. You see with Amazon, they always show recommended purchases by others who purchased the item that you may be promoting. If that customer purchases the recommended product (which Amazon suggests) you get the commission. Can you see where that will lead you?
Now those are just some resources (probably the best for what you are looking to get started with) you should sign up with, however when picking your product just remember to check it out completely.
What you should be looking for are "page leaks" on the sales copy. A "page leak" is where the sales copy directs the potential customer to a different link to the website owners address hence taking away your cookie in your affiliate link and then putting it into the website owners pockets. So that takes money away from you. Just be very picky about what you are going to promote. Remember that you are also building up your authority status in that niche so you do not want to ruin your reputation right out of the gate.

Build Your Relationships With A List

On the contrary of what you may have already have heard, email marketing is not dead. It has just become more mobile and you really are going to need to build an email list of subscribers. This can be a pricey venue but it can be done absolutely free of charge. Check out It is completely free of charge and according to their video on their main website you will never be charged to build a list. Check out them with others and you will understand what I mean by being pricey.
Your autoresponder will be your most covenant tool as an affiliate marketer. There are some super affiliates out there who are making on average about $2.00 - $6.00 per subscriber per month. If you have a list of about 10K with that kind of conversions, you can see the potential in monthly profits.
Understand that you need to give yourself some time to make a name for yourself and those figures that I just mentioned were not overnight income, they have put in the blood, sweat and tears to build to that and maintain their authority in their respective niches. That is what you must do. Above all else Take Action!

Free Website Creation And Domination

So far we have done a lot of steps in getting ready to launch our first affiliate promotion. From niche selection all the way to setting up a free autoresponder. Now it is time to get our website created in order to direct traffic to the offer that you have selected.
There are three things which you will need to have in order to get under way. First one being a graphics imaging editing software program, a webpage editor and of course a place to publish your finished page.
Because you will be mainly having just a couple of pages that you will be directing traffic to (your landing page about the affiliate product/service, and the optional squeeze page) you could possibly just set up a free website. This will suite your starting out needs. Just do a google search for "free website creator and hosting". Then just do some research as to what will suite your needs.
Next comes your editing graphic images. Reality is that Photoshop is the king in this area. Unfortunately Adobe charges something like $800 for it and from my understanding after CS6 there will be no future software developed, rather it will be in a subscription service called Adobe Creative Cloud and will charge a monthly fee of $49/month just to use photoshop. If you don't have that kind of money then there are a couple of free alternatives.
GimpShop and/or Gimp is the most popular (in my mind) alternative to photoshop. It is an open source graphics software that is completely free of charge. It behaves in many was as photoshop and can read .psd images with the add-on that they have for it. The only thing about gimp that I really don't like is that they have not enabled you to edit the text on a .psd image. At least that I have been able to find out.
If you do not like the Gimp alternative, then again just do a Google Search for "free alternatives to Photoshop" and then sift through the results. You should be looking for something that has .psd edit-ability. The industry standard for most images right now is in .psd format.
Finally you are going to need to get your hands on a web page publishing software. Again Adobe has something called Dreamweaver which is extremely powerful (and pricey) software that you can get or you can get a free alternative. There are only two that I am familiar with that I have actually used and they are Kompozer and Microsoft Web Expressions 4. I prefer Web Expressions because it acts a lot like DreamWeaver. You just need to decide what you are going to be doing and decide for yourself.
Now once you have those three things as a part of your affiliate toolbox, all you need to do is design your pages (or outsource) them and publish them to your new website. I recommend that you have a different website address for each affiliate promotion that you do and then link them all to a main website. You want all of your promotions that you do to be able to stand on their own this way if one is not generating the traffic that you expected the other ones can pick up the slack.

Free Traffic Generation Tips For Affiliate Promotions

Seeing how you have your site ready, your autoresponder in the ready mode, and high expectations for phenomenal commissions on your high quality affiliate product promotion, it is now time to start generating some traffic to your site. Before I explain the methodology behind the two tid bits of information, I want to share with you that when I am saying site, I am actually meaning your squeeze/landing page and also your affiliate sales page for the product that you are promoting.
The two types of traffic generation tactics I am going to discuss in this capsule are going to be one Free method and one paid method. Both are excellent sources the thing about it is that with the free method it will take some time to build up the organic traffic where as the paid tactic will give you instant visitors. These are visitors that are targeted as well so it will look good in your serps.
Free Method: Blogging
This method is one of the more popular forms of traffic generation on the internet as of this writing. You see by getting your free wordpress (this is a blogging platform I recommend and will be using as the example) blog, it gives you the ability to create and speak your creative mind on whatever you would like to as long as you are not being malicious in any way. So what you could do is after you get your blog address ( you can begin publishing your high quality content instantly. There is an upgrade version which will give you more flexibility and control over your site but for the most part if all you are doing is talking about your product and posting related material on your blog then the free version will work just fine. Again because this is free, you will need to invest your time in to it until you can scale it up. Also you may want to check in to getting Google AdSense account in order to monetize a little bit on your blog.
The other form of traffic generation that you most certainly can do (if your marketing budget allows for it) is get into FaceBook Advertisements. Now there are many individuals who will tell you that you are going to blow a lot of money on FaceBook adverts while there are some people who will swear up and down by it. The factor is that you need to figure out if it will work for you. If you do it correctly and know who your target audience actually is within your niche, then you can pretty much pinpoint what adverts will be going to who. There are a wide range of options that you can put in Facebook on your ads as well. It is well worth taking the time to check it out if you are able to do that.
There are many other different forms of Traffic Generation and you may already know some of them or most of them. The thing here is that you should focus on mastering up to 3 - 4 different traffic generation tactics and implement them in your daily routine for at least 30 mins to an hour per day to keep your site relevant and fresh.

All The Best To You

There was a lot of information covered and hopefully you have been able to take something useful away from this hub. The whole thing is that if you do not retain any of the information that I have shared with you in here, whatever you do ALWAYS remember this quote to help keep you motivated.
"Success is your right, Failure is your CHOICE!" In a nutshell this sums it all up. In order for you to succeed in your life, business, etc. you must take action and if you do not take action then your failures are yours alone to blame. So go on today and begin your newly formed affiliate marketing ideas and all the best to you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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