Friday, 9 January 2015

10 unusual ways to make extra money

Olivia says:
There are many people in Australia who are struggling financially at the moment. Even those who have a full-time job can often find that there are times when their cash flow just isn't sufficient to keep up with the bills, and once you get behind, it's hard to catch up.

If your troubles are more a matter of a few unexpected expenses putting a hole in your savings, then you might want to consider some of the following unusual - and in many cases easy - ways to earn a little extra cash
Sell your stuff:
Having a garage sale, or selling online on a site like eBay provides a twofold benefit. You'll earn some quick cash and you'll have a good clean out of all your unneeded items. Things like designer label clothes and perfume can fetch a good price, particularly if they are popular but discontinued items. Always remember to research before listing item so that you have a competitive price.
Sell your skills:
eBay isn't the only way to make money online. You can also offer your skills, particularly creative skills such as design or writing – anything that can be easily produced and delivered via computer. Sites like normally allow you to bid for specific jobs, naming the price you will charge if selected. Remember that you are competing in a global market, so the rates you can expect to receive online will likely be well below the rate for equivalent skills working in Australia.
Become an artist:
Maybe you're not Da Vinci, but if you have a decent camera or the ability to create digital illustrations, you can register with sites like iStockPhoto or Getty Images and get paid a small royalty if people use you image.
Create a website or blog:
Successful bloggers can make a great income, but it's not guaranteed.  If you are passionate about a particular interest, consider starting your own blog or website. It may start out slow but if it gathers pace, you might have advertisers knocking on your door.
Rent a room:
If you have a spare room you can rent the space for a pretty good weekly or nightly return. Look into websites such as airBNB or Wimdu for an easy way to earn a bit of cash.
Sell your hobby:
Or rather, sell the things you make as a hobby. Most cities and towns will have a variety of markets where you can rent a stall and sell your wares. Do some costings before you commit. Stall rental might not be much, but if you haven't allowed for things like materials or ingredients you could end up making a loss.
Become a virtual assistant:
If you have experience as an office assistant, you can become a virtual assistant. Like the markets idea, you need to consider your costs before you commit or alternatively contact the many personal concierge companies who may be looking for someone like you to handle some of their work load.
Do odd jobs:
It's not glamorous, but if you are willing to do jobs that other people won't – or don't have time for like washing windows, ironing, walking dogs and general cleaning - then you might be able to offer your services for a reasonable price.
Be a mystery shopper:
Get paid to shop and report back about services and products from small to well-known large companies. There are numerous sites which are looking for mystery shoppers or even pay you to shop.
Get (another) job:
Getting a part-time job can provide a good additional income. Just make sure you can manage the workload and it doesn't compromise your current job.
These ten tips are really about looking outside of the square. They may not all be easy to start, but if you really need the extra money, they could be worth a shot.
Why not increase the financial savviness of those around you – pay it forward and pass on these tips to your family, friends and kids.


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