Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Add Google Official Contact Form Widget to Blogger?

Add Google Official Contact Form Widget to Blogger
Contact Form Widget is used to send mails to the Blog owner from the
visitors/users. Do your blog looks anything missing?. I think a Contact
Form is an important widget that was missed for long time. Are you using
Contact From in your blog? If so, it will not Google's Official contact
Form. That may be from other hosted providers. Here Google released its
brand new Contact Form Widget for Blogger Users. It helps to send
e-mails to blog owner without Sign In to Google or any other account.
Anyone can send mails by providing a valid e-mail address and Message.
This Contact Form can add to any blogger blogs that hosted in Google's

 It have three Fields- Name,e-mail and Message and a Send Button. E-mail
and Message field are mandatory. It also have e-mail validation, checks
whether the e-mail address provided is valid or not. And a notice or
message will appear to show the status of sending e-mail, Shows success
message it it delivered to user,otherwise shows error message.  There is
no CAPTCHA (Used to prevent Spam) in the Contact Form, but Google
implemented its effective Spam detection mechanisms. The problem exist
with the Contact Form is it can only use as Widget (in Sidebar or 
Footer or Under Posts). In many popular websites/blogs they use a page
for Contact Form. By default this Contact Form can used as widget, we
introduce a technique to use Google Official contact Form on Blogger Static Pages


  • Send e-mails to Blog owner without Sign In to any Accounts.
  • E-mail validation is provided.
  • Spam detection Mechanism.
  • Show status message of sending.


  • Use only as Widget (in Sidebar/ in Footer)

Add Google Contact Form to Blogger

  • Sign In to Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Layout -> Click on Add a Gadget
  •  Select More Gadgets in Left Side and Select Contact Form
  • Give the Title and Click Save
  • You have done please check your blog.
When visitor drop a message it goes straight to your inbox. One copy of the message will send to each Admin.

I hope this Contact Form will help your blog to get Suggestions and queries from visitors.


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