Monday, 20 October 2014

Make Money at Home with only a Computer

The idea of sitting in your pajamas making millions from your kitchen table is enticing to anyone wanting extra money. The reality is that very few advertised work-at-home jobs are legitimate. The best ways to make money at home with a computer involve talent, dedication and long hours. It is possible to create a lucrative work-at-home career when you target a niche market and offer your talents to local businesses and communities.

Desktop Publishing

The printed word is still in demand in the form of fact sheets, reports and newsletters. Solicit local businesses offering your services to generate a newsletter targeting their customers. Stress the importance of a fact sheet for products or services that businesses can provide for products they manufacture. Offer to write technical manuals. During the holiday season, charge a small fee for writing letters to Santa or create personalized story books for Christmas presents. Local organizations use desktop publishing services to create fliers for upcoming events. Offer your services to create the fliers.

Photo Manipulation

Photography is big business and photo manipulation is used to create many of the images you see in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Make money at home with a computer by providing digitally enhanced photographs to local papers or other organizations. A quality photography software program also lets you restore worn, faded or damaged photographs. Charge a fee to restore cherished keepsakes or create enlargements of existing photographs. It is important to know that many professional photographers copyright their work.

Correspondence Secretary

Senior citizens and those with vision impairments rely on others to write letters for them. Make money at home with a computer by providing a service for letter writing, list making and other personal correspondence. Hire yourself out to a local senior citizen retirement facility. You can easily record the letter and transcribe it at home with the computer.
Create personalized candy bar wrappers for weddings, graduations and other special events on your home computer. Design the wrapper to fit the candy bar, print them, cut the wrappers to size and glue them into place over the existing candy wrapper. You can make money at home with a computer by creating personalized coloring pages for pediatric care offices or dentists and other children's organizations. Offer matching sheets of stickers as well. Create images with drawing programs and write an illustrated guide making different crafts. Sell them at your local craft boutiques or craft supply stores.

Custom Music CDs and Slide Shows

Make money at home with a computer by compiling music CDs for special occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries. If you have a scanner, use photographs supplied by your clients to create a slide show for the occasion. For instance, use family pictures of a child from birth to present day to create a slide show for his graduation party. Do the same for wedding receptions and use photographs from both the bride and the groom. There is no limit to the number of pictures you could choose from when putting together an anniversary DVD. Do not violate copyright laws when making the CDs or DVDs.

Internet Ventures

Combined with the Internet, you can make money at home with a computer by setting up a blog, registering as an affiliate seller for large companies and utilizing the different ad revenue programs available. Other sources of income are freelance writing for various websites and companies, selling items in online auctions, creating print-on-demand tee shirts and other merchandise, or writing an e-book and self publishing it online.


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